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Hi i'm Miranda aka Page Name

This is my 2nd site my first site is: pagename.webs.com. I only have a few rules on this site they are:

1.Look at the other Page's 

2.Be nice to others

3.No abusive languge 

4.No dating

5.If you Have any questions or comments feel free to ask or tell me

6.No bad secrets about others

7.Join now

8. Last Rule Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

Contact information

If you wanna contact me my email is: selenasbestfan@yahoo.com ill be looking forward to hear from you and im on kc  most of the time

My age

Ok i know i told you that i was 12 in reals like a few months ago and Alice Crept was my twin sister but i decided i was just gonna tell the truth i was a big liar then so my real age is atually 10 so i no im young and i told some of you my name is Maria in reals but it's really Miranda